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KOM CPC Programs

The KOM CPC offers a variety of public safety and crime-prevention programs. Initiatives such as community policing patrols, ICBC Speedwatch and event outreach are just some of our most popular.

Community Patrol Programs

The KOM CPC’s patrols are our most high-visibility activities, and most popular. Trained volunteers patrol, based on VPD crime data, input from authorities and the community, and historical data, and are required to record information, and communicate with residents and businesses about any recent criminal activities or safety concerns.

The primary goals of community policing patrols are: crime deterrence, information gathering through observation and communication with residents, and providing safety information to the public.

KOM CPC patrols do not perform arrests or intervene in crimes in progress, and volunteers are strictly prohibited from presenting themselves as members of the police.

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KOM CPC Bike Patrol
Our best-known activity, the KOM CPC Bike Patrol allows us to effectively patrol our large geographic area with maximum visibility.

Before becoming a Bike Patroller, a KOM CPC volunteer is required to be trained by a certified CAN-BIKE instructor. This ensures each volunteer cycles safely on roadways and legally within BC’s Motor Vehicle Act.

KOM CPC Night Patrol
The Night Patrol is an effective deterrent in areas experiencing heightened activity or safety concerns. Volunteers wearing identifiable, high-visibility clothing patrol neighbourhoods in a safe, approachable manner while monitoring for suspicious activity.

Night patrol volunteers must demonstrate excellent performance on daytime foot patrols, and undergo additional training.

KOM CPC Daytime Foot Patrol
Our original patrol, the Foot Patrol is an effective deterrent and public relations method, helping to inform residents about increased criminal activity or public safety concerns, as well as record statistics for VPD use.

Foot patrols may involve the Neighbourhood Police Officer for additional support.

KOM CPC Volunteers Patrolling

KOM CPC Business Outreach Patrol
Targeted towards small businesses, the Business Outreach Patrol provides information, crime alerts, support and access to VPD resources.

Often coordinated in conjunction with the Neighbourhood Police Officer, KOM CPC volunteers go door-to-door for brief, friendly conversations with owners and managers with the goal of improving trust and safety.

Law Enforcement Partnerships

In conjunction with ICBC and the VPD, our volunteers participate in activities such as ICBC Speedwatch and Theft From Auto (TFA) alerts.

These activities may coincide with patrols or be part of larger prevention activities involving other community policing centres or law-enforcement agencies.

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Child Find BC
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Child Find is currently paused.
The KOM CPC participates in Child Find BC, a unique and simple program enabling parents to collect useful information about their child that’s useful to law enforcement authorities in case the unthinkable happens.

Offered primarily during events at our Child Find kiosk, a KOM CPC volunteer will assist a parent in gathering their child’s fingerprints and other useful information into a booklet. This booklet is then provided to the parent for safe keeping.

The child’s information is exclusively kept by the parent, not the KOM CPC, VPD or Child Find BC.

ICBC Speedwatch
Speedwatch is one of our most effective deterrents against vehicle speed and distracted driving. KOM CPC volunteers are assigned positions alongside roadways, and are equipped with a radar device and LED panel displaying the speed of oncoming vehicles.

This program significantly slows traffic, reminding drivers to travel safely in residential areas. Certain Speedwatch activities may include a VPD officer who will ticket vehicles that do not heed the warning.

Speedwatch’s take place during the day, as well as night-time – which the KOM CPC has pioneered.

A Speedwatch may be requested by area residents who feel certain roadways are experiencing excessive speed and volume. This is especially popular with parent associations concerned about speeds near their children’s school. Please contact us for information.

KOM CPC Volunteer And VPD Officer Participating In Speedwatch

Theft From Auto (TFA) Alerts & Vehicle Audits
Both activities have been halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The KOM CPC tackles theft from vehicles or ‘smash n’ grab’s’ by performing Theft From Auto Alerts and Vehicle Audits. Recognizing that thieves are opportunistic, and target vehicles with visible or poorly concealed possessions, KOM CPC volunteers perform two activities to help minimize these incidents:

TFA Alerts are issued using posters, information slips and social media outreach. These alerts notify the public that thieves are actively targeting vehicles with visible possessions, and that the vehicle should be empty when parked or possessions hidden extremely well.

Vehicle Audits are often conducted simultaneously with TFA Alerts, and are an effective education tool. KOM CPC volunteers will patrol an area being targeted by thieves, such as a parking lot, and audit each vehicle for its attractiveness to thieves. A written slip will be left on the windshield for the driver. Vehicle Audit slips are left on all vehicles on a lot, to ensure thieves do not have obvious targets.

Both activities occur year-round, but will increase in frequency depending on the season or based on crime data.

Project 529 Garage
Project 529 Garage is a North America-wide initiative developed to reduce bicycle theft, and is proudly supported by the KOM CPC and VPD. Volunteers assist community members register their bikes into the system, increasing the chances of recovery.

Registration is free, and can be done at the KOM CPC office and during events. Community members may register themselves using the link above if preferred.

KOM CPC Volunteer Entering Bike Data Into Project 529 Garage

Log It or Lose It
To help recover stolen property, the VPD created the Log It or Lose It program, enabling residents and businesses to easily record the information of their valuables. In the event that stolen property is recovered, citizens can provide identifying information such as serial numbers or unique markers to the VPD, enabling release of the property back to its rightful owner.

The KOM CPC supports this program, providing materials and assistance to residents with any questions on effective data collection.

Property Logged In Project 529

Vancouver Block Watch
The KOM CPC Regularly liaises with Block Watch, using information provided by area residents to improve our data-gathering and better target patrols. Many KOM CPC members are actively involved in Block Watches in their own neighbourhoods, providing an additional source of information.

The KOM CPC’s boardroom is also available for Block Watch members to book meetings, and involvement with the KOM CPC’s staff and Neighbourhood Police Officer may also be requested.

VPD Block Watch Sign

Community Outreach & Initiatives

KOM CPC volunteers take part in numerous community and outreach events, with the goals of improving community safety and providing awareness of policing resources.

We conduct these events in partnership with the VPD, area non-profits, businesses and business improvement associations, schools and colleges, and other Vancouver community policing centres.

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Marpole Food Drive
The KOM CPC believes that food security is community safety. In partnership with Marpole Neighbourhood House, community policing volunteers organize and participate in weekly food drives to collect and distribute necessities to residents in need.

The KOM CPC has helped run this program since Fall 2020, with volunteers participating three times a week.

KOM CPC Volunteers Participating With The Marpole Food Bank

Community Events
The KOM CPC participates in dozens of events yearly, providing services such as Child Find BC and Project 529, and promoting community safety awareness.

Popular events include:

  • Kerrisdale Days
  • Marpole Family Day
  • Dunbar Salmonberry Days
  • Pink Shirt Day
  • Vancouver Pride Parade
  • Bike to Work Week

Safety Seminars
The KOM CPC assists in planning and coordination with the VPD for seminars such as the Women’s Safety Workshop, target hardening tutorials for homeowners, and senior safety seminars. Our team also conduct non-VPD educational events.

Seminar sign-up’s are typically done through the KOM CPC via an online sign-up portal, email or phone calls.

KOM CPC At Pink Shirt Day Outreach Event

Social Media & Digital Outreach
The KOM CPC maintains an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our feeds include public safety alerts, area information, event alerts and just daily goings-on in our organization.

CIVA Office Program
The KOM CPC office is run by our staff and volunteers, and is open for community members to drop in and provide information on crime-prevention, personal safety and community resources.

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