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Become a Community Policing Volunteer With KOM CPC

Why become a community policing volunteer with the KOM CPC? Maybe it’s because you want to give back to your community? Perhaps you are interested in a law-enforcement career? Or you want a volunteer experience that’s out of the ordinary?

Every KOM CPC volunteer brings a variety of experiences and skills, and together, are united in their commitment to community safety and well-being.

As a community policing volunteer, you’ll be expected to professionally represent the KOM CPC on patrols, during events and in support of the VPD when required. Applicants must be at least 19 years old, live in the Greater Vancouver area and consent to a background check.

Before applying, please read this entire page. An application form is available at the bottom.

Volunteering With The KOM CPC
Volunteering With The KOM CPC
KOM CPC Volunteers At An Appreciation Event

Volunteering Activities

Community policing volunteers participate in a number of activities for the KOM CPC. We encourage all volunteers to try each one, so they can experience our organization to the fullest. For a full list of activities, visit our Programs page.

KOM CPC Volunteer Patrols
Our high visibility volunteer patrols are our best-known activity. Utilizing current and historic crime data, as well as inputs from residents, patrols are dispatched into neighbourhoods to be ‘eyes and ears’ for the community, and a deterrent. Patrols also provide awareness to residents in the event of heightened criminal activity, and are happy to answer any questions.

Certain patrols also conduct ICBC Speed Watch or Vehicle Audits.

Patrols take place on foot or bicycle, and can be conducted during the day or night. Volunteers are continually trained and educated on proper protocol. Patrols do not intervene in criminal activity and do not perform arrests.

KOM CPC Foot Patrol Volunteers

Event Participation & Outreach
The KOM CPC participates and provides support in community events such as Kerrisdale Days, the Marpole Family Day Festival, and wider events such as The Vancouver Pride Parade and Pink Shirt Day. During events, our volunteers provide services such as Child Find and Project 529, and promote safety awareness.

Volunteers also perform outreach in conjunction with organizations like the Food Bank and the Marpole Oakridge Family Place.

KOM CPC Volunteers At A Science World Event With VPD

VPD Program Organization & Support
Working closely with the Vancouver Police Department, KOM CPC volunteers help organize and support public safety initiatives. Programs such as the VPD Women’s Safety Workshop and Project 529 owe their success to the efforts of community policing volunteers.

KOM CPC Volunteers And VPD Officers

Public Relations & Awareness
The KOM CPC’s mission is to bridge gaps between the community and Vancouver’s policing services. Volunteers are trained how to professionally convey information to the public, such as safety awareness tips, available programs and resources, as well as important contacts.

Volunteers may be asked to go to areas experiencing higher-than-normal crime rates, providing additional awareness such as door-knocking, and distribution of crime alert notices.

The KOM CPC maintains active social media channels, and volunteers are encouraged to participate in social postings and sharing.

KOM CPC Executive Director And VPD Officer Supporting Bell 'Let's Talk'

Office & Information
Our Kerrisdale-located office relies on volunteers to support our staff by performing front-facing office duties such as assisting walk-in clients, answering phones and data entry.

Don’t hesitate to drop by and say hello! Our friendly staff and volunteers love to chat.

KOM CPC Staff In Office

Volunteering Benefits

Community policing volunteers experience great pride and enjoyment during their time with the KOM CPC. Through helping others, our volunteers have also forged friendships that often carry on into their careers, even after leaving the KOM CPC.

We also offer a number of other rewarding benefits for our volunteers.

Unique Activities & Events
Some activities include participating in VPD training sessions, supporting VPD safety initiatives and attending law-enforcement and safety seminars not available to the public. The Volunteer Coordinator may also arrange specific activities for volunteers entering law-enforcement careers.

Volunteers are also regularly treated to appreciation days, with plenty of food, fun and friends.

KOM CPC Volunteer Participating In VPD Bike Trainin

Networking & Career Benefits
Whether you’re considering a law-enforcement career or anything else, you can find help, mentoring and networking opportunities from many KOM CPC volunteers who are career professionals.

Volunteers may request a written reference letter from KOM CPC staff, which can be used during job searches or as part of a career portfolio.

KOM CPC Volunteer Posing With Their Volunteer Of The Month Award

Flexible Volunteer Commitment
Many KOM CPC volunteers attend school or have careers, and our volunteering program is set up to allow for maximum time flexibility. We use a simple online scheduling system that provides reminders for upcoming volunteer events.

KOM CPC Volunteers Patrolling

The Community Policing Volunteer Application Process

Applying to become a community policing volunteer with the KOM CPC requires an application, in-person interview and a background check. The process can take between 2 to 5 weeks, depending on applicant volume.

  • Filling out and submitting an application form, either digitally or in-person.
  • Being interviewed by KOM CPC staff.
  • Conducting a background check.
  • Volunteering on a provisional basis for 3 months.
  • Receiving a final decision from KOM CPC staff.

We perform this process to ensure each community policing volunteer is a good fit for our organization and can interact with the community safely.

Begin your application by downloading the PDF below and reviewing the submission process.

Downloading & Submitting The Application

We offer two ways to complete our Volunteer Application Form. Digital submissions are processed faster and are the recommended method. If you require assistance in filling out a form, please contact the email provided in the form.

Digital Submission

  1. Download the PDF file using the button below.
  2. Fill out the PDF, completing all fields.
  3. Save the PDF as a new file, with a name using this format: Firstname-Lastname-Application.
  4. Attach and send the PDF in an email to the address provided inside the form.

Paper Submission

  1. Download the PDF file using the button below.
  2. Fill out the PDF, completing all fields, and print when complete OR print the PDF, and clearly fill all fields using clear block printing, with a black or blue pen.
  3. Drop off your application in-person during KOM CPC operating hours or deposit in our mailbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer for the KOM CPC?
We welcome applicants aged 19 or older, as well as high-school students looking for school work experience. Our diverse volunteer cohort includes seniors and retirees, young professionals, parents, and students in university or college.

Is volunteering required for a law-enforcement career?
No. However, KOM CPC volunteers who’ve entered law-enforcement careers credit the KOM CPC as an important factor for their success. Community policing also offers unique networking and mentoring opportunities for volunteers.

I have limited mobility or a disability, do I need to participate in patrols?
No, the KOM CPC has many activities our volunteers may participate in. If you have difficulty with certain activities, we will work with you to help apply your talents in our organization for a fulfilling volunteer experience.

Can I volunteer if I am in high-school?
The KOM CPC offers 30-hour volunteer internships for high-school students, requiring parental permission and recommendation from a guidance counselor. Participation in patrols and certain activities is not allowed due to insurance and liability.

I applied to volunteer but didn’t hear back or was rejected. Why?
The KOM CPC is not required to disclose the reasons for rejection of applicants. Factors may include: improperly filled or incomplete application, a background check that was flagged for safety or criminal concerns, or simply not being a fit for the organization.

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